Jan 2009


A lot of professional bloggers have been hit by this since last year (2008), some were even hit as early as late 2007. Joe’s post is a good example of how it was affected.

The whole problogging income primarily comes from 2 sources, one is income from ads, and the other is income from sales/leads (affiliate, cpa). Even if one is being paid to post a review, a link, or being paid by a blog network, at the end of the line, it is most probably tied down to one of those 2 income sources.

People nowadays have a limited ability to pay for goods and services. Some even can’t pay their house loans and thus there are a lot of foreclosures going on. The increase in bad debts causes institutions to lose money and decrease their income.

Less income translates to less spending, and money traditionally spent for advertising is spent somewhere else. This loss of advertising budget directly affects the blogging industry. Less advertisers means less income for bloggers.

In the same way, money used for spending goods also scaled down. People buying expensive brands settle for house brands. Instead of buying the “nice to have”, people began sticking to “must haves”.
Affiliate marketing was also affected. Affiliates of products under “nice to haves” experience a loss in income.

However, in any change, there are opportunities that open. People began thinking of ways to earn extra.

Check out the increase in people searching for “make money” in Google (NASDAQ: GOOG)
make money

New niches open, and some niches suffers, the key is to adapt to these changes. One needs to rethink their strategy and keep on building money making websites and blogs. Diversify income sources, and learn how to thrive in such an environment.

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