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How To Use A FREE PPC Spy Tool To Legally Hijack Keywords And Make Money Out Of It

Tweet What I’m going to reveal is a very recent legal tactic that will enable anybody to simple  copy the exact keywords people are using in their PPC campaigns and how you can benefit from it and make money. Surprisingly, you need a simple FREE  PPC Spy too called – PPC Web Spy I’ll show […]

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Feb 2009


The 3 major search engines agree on a way to tackle duplicate posts within your site.   It has been a problem before when a certain web page can be accessible via different URLs.

Example is

In some websites, the same web page can be accessed by


In essense, all these 3 pages are in reality referring to the same web page but is only passing different paramters to the web page server side script.

The problem before is that the search engines treat all these  URLs as different and therefore all pagerank, link juice, and scattered among these urls and some might even argue that duplicate penalty might be imposed by the SEs.

Now, the 3 big search engines agree on a way to fix this.  It is call the “canonical” tag.  What you do to fix is to include a similar tag like thisin between your HTML’s head tag.

<link rel=”canonical” href=”” />

The above tag indicates to the crawler that the URL it is present on should be represented canonically as This would eliminate the following duplicates:

So check you websites and apply this stuff go the maximum SEO benefit.

Want to see a real live example? Check this post via these 2 urls.

Then check the HTML source of both pages and see the “canonical” element in the link tag somewhere in between the tags.

I used a wordpress plugin to implement this “canonical” solution.  There is a more direct approach which is to insert a small php code at the template (usually header.php) as discussed by Dexter.

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Feb 2009


1. Focus on Them, Not You

When a prospect reads your ad, letter, brochure, etc., the one thing he will be wondering from the start is: “what’s in it for me?”

And if your copy doesn’t tell him, it’ll land in the trash faster than he can read the headline or lead.

A lot of advertisers make this mistake. They focus on them as a company. How long they’ve been in business, who their biggest customers are, how they’ve spent ten years of research and millions of dollars on developing this product, blah, blah.

Actually, those points are important. But they should be expressed in a way that matters to your potential customer. Remember, once he’s thrown it in the garbage, the sale is lost!

When writing your copy, it helps to think of it as writing a letter to an old friend. In fact, I often picture a friend of mine who most closely fits my prospect’s profile. What would I say to convince this friend to try my product? How would I target my friend’s objections and beliefs to help my cause?

When you’re writing to a friend, you’ll use the pronouns “I” and “you.” When trying to convince your friend, you might say: “Look, I know you think you’ve tried every widget out there. But you should know that…”

And it goes beyond just writing in the second person. That is, addressing your prospect as “you” within the copy. The fact of the matter is there are many successful ads that weren’t written in the second person. Some are written in the first person perspective, where the writer uses “I.” Other times the third person is used, with “she,” “he,” and “them.”

And even if you do write in the second person, it doesn’t necessarily mean your copy is about them.

For example:

“As a real estate agent, you can take comfort in the fact that I’ve sold over 10,000 homes and mastered the tricks of the trade”

Although you’re writing in the second person, you’re really still focusing on yourself.

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Feb 2009


Introduction to Traffic

Really, there is absolutely nothing technical about traffic. On a basic level, it’s just the flow of people to and from your website. Of course, that alone is of completely crucial importance because your traffic, as a marketer, will also be your potential customers.

Needless to say, you want as much traffic as possible for this very reason. Unfortunately, at this juncture many people start to encounter some problems because in order to get traffic, you cannot just sit back once you have a website up.

No, there must be promotion through at least one avenue, although more is always welcome.

On top of that, merely having a constant flow of people visiting your website is not necessarily going to do you a lot of good. For best effect, the traffic that you need to harness must be as targeted as possible.

Summing it up: What you want, and what you need to succeed in any internet marketing venture are sources of targeted traffic.
What is Targeted Traffic?

One of the best ways to explain targeted traffic is through this example:

Assuming you had a website that is centered on the dog grooming niche. It’d undoubtedly be a place where your visitors could check out various techniques of dog grooming, learn about some of the common problems when grooming dogs, and so on.

Now, if you somehow ended up getting a ton of traffic, but it all came from people looking for alien conspiracy theories, well… you’d undoubtedly notice that most of your visitors just leave your website immediately since it is not what they were looking for.

Admittedly, that is a slightly wild example, but it serves to illustrate the point fairly well. Even if your visitors were looking for something more closely related to your niche, such as dog training tips, or dog healthcare tips; the end result would be the same once they discover that you are not offering what they want.

Due to this, you want the traffic that does get to your website to consist of people who actually want to learn about dog grooming and are genuinely interested in it. If you can get a steady stream of such people flowing in, then without a doubt your conversion rate would be higher.

Actually, you could conceivably obtain traffic that is even more targeted.

Assuming you have monetized your blog to sell eBooks about dog grooming, then if the traffic that goes to your website consists of mostly people who already intend to buy resources about dog grooming – well, that would be very ideal.

At the end of the day, the more tightly focused and targeted your traffic is, the greater your results.
How to Start Generating Traffic?

All too often, a website does not get traffic simply because there are no real and reliable efforts carried out to do so. Sometimes, this is because of a lack of knowledge as to how to go about it, but most times, it is more due to the habit of overanalyzing the issue and not taking action.

What is constantly not realized is that even if the action taken is not perfect, some action is far better than no action at all.

Best advice as far as generating traffic is concerned is therefore to pick something, and stick with it. Then, once you’re done, pick something else and stick with that too. This way, at very least you’ll end up with a couple of well developed streams of traffic, which may not be perfect, but will still end up bringing in visitors.

Let’s look at some of the best sources of traffic that you should be tapping into:

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Jan 2009


2008 Top Yahoo Searches

Posted by Noel
Categories: SEO

At the beginning of every year, you always see articles and blog posts about “Top xxxx for 2008”.   Top music, top mtv, top destinations, top this and top that.

In the world of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, we all wait for the “2008 Top Searches”.    These are the sort of keywords that you might want to check out and see if you can rank in either of these.  If you can, then you’ll probably get a whole bucket load of traffic.

In the UK the top overall searches are

1.      Britney Spears
2.     Big Brother
3.     X Factor
4.      Oasis
5.      High School Musical 3
6.     US Election
7.     Amy Winehouse
8.     Heath Ledger
9.     Kate Moss
10.     Eastenders

I got this from yahoo.  The nice thing about yahoo’s top 2008 searches is that it is categorized.  You can actually see the top searches for  Celebrities, News, Music,  Tv programs..etc.   Check it out at

For yahoo philippines

•     American Idol
•     Boracay
•     Charice Pempengco
•     Friendster
•     High School Musical 3
•     Jobs
•     Mall of Asia
•     Marian Rivera
•     MV Princess of the Stars
•     Olympics 2008

For people who are into adsense,  the best tip is to check out variations of these keywords and try to see if it is worth ranking.

For example,  “american idol”.  You might want to check  “american idol 2009” or “american idol 2009 schedule” “american idol 2009 audition”  and similar keywords.

Just think about what other people might search for this 2009 and get ahead.  Create content for those keywords and start building links to have an early lead in the SERPS.

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Oct 2008


A lot of businesses are now conducted online. With an internet business, your service or products can reach different parts of the world especially if your website can attract much traffic. In order to establish one of the best online businesses, the usage of blogging for business is of utmost importance.

You can make use of blogs in order to promote your business today and in the years to come. This is not an easy task and so you will need all the help and some tips to keep you on the right track.

Here are some useful tips that you can incorporate in your internet business:

1)• Back links are valuable – to promote your business through the use of blogs, you have to give importance to back links. The blog post contents should be able to incorporate appropriate back links. By doing so, you can attract much traffic to your website in a more effective manner.

2)• You must learn to use the right keywords – all the contents of your blogs should have the right or appropriate keywords. Effective blogging can also place your internet business among the top searches in the results of search engines.

3)• If you plan to use blogs for your internet business, you must be able to make posts regularly. If you forget to make posts, your blogs will not be very effective for your internet business. Sporadic bloggers have no place on the net and so if you want your efforts to be rewarded, make sure that you post blogs frequently.

4)• Your blogging efforts will be rewarded if you post frequently and if the contents are interesting. Through effective blogging, you can establish the reputation of your online business and not only that, you can shout to the world your business expertise. If you want to gain a positive reputation, make sure that you post interesting blogs that are related to your business.

Those are some simple tips that you can use for blogging. Indeed, blogging can be very useful for online business but only if you can post effective blogs.

At present, many owners of online businesses are now making use of blogs to promote their products and services. If you want to become a blogger and at the same time a successful owner of a business, try to learn how to make effective blogs.

Some say that blogs are not that hard to compose. To some individuals, it may be their way to share their personal experiences and everyday life. But according to some expert bloggers, you also need to consider the interests of the readers and online researchers. Remember that once you start posting blogs in your business’ website, you have to post frequently (at least once or twice a week) so that your customers and readers will not forget you or your business.

So what are you waiting for? Learn to make blogs now and become an effective blogger. Your business will surely benefit from the blogs that you post. If you want to learn more about effective blogging for business, you can easily conduct researches online because you can find a wealth of information there.

Blogging for business is one of the most effective means of making your business a success. Start making blogs now and you can earn more profits in the future.

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Sep 2008


How to Install WordPress

Posted by Noel
Categories: How To, SEO

In starting your own income generating blog, you have to do it right the first time.  There’s nothing wrong with using free blog services out there but the problem is that eventually, if you want a long term blogging income, you WILL host your own blog in your own domain name anyway.   Once this happens, it would be hard to transfer your content to your new blog and moreover, your blog is already ranking on some keywords in the search engines and it is very hard to transfer this ranking to your new domain if you are not an SEO.

So here’s what you need.

1. Buy domain

2. Buy hosting

3. Install a CMS/blog software (I highly suggest wordpress)

4. Learn how to install the latest wordpress.    Some hosting services has fantastico but 98% of the time, it will not setup the latest wordpress version.   You need to learn how to manually install wordpress.

5. Learn how to transfer files to your hosting.

6. Learn about how to setup a MySQL database.

7. Learn how to create a MySQL user.

8. Learn how to assign a Mysql user to a mysql database

9. Learn how to edit wp-config.php

10. Learn how to install plugins

11. Learn how to  Optimize your blog for the search engines

A lot of people already know how to do this, however,  I know for a fact that there are still a huge number of people who are still newbies in terms of making their own blog.   Some perhaps are afraid to even try because they think they are not techie enough to do it.   Some even pay $20 to $50 to have somebody install these for them.

Now what if there is a way to “see” exactly how it is being done?   What if you can be a fly on my shoulder and observe exactly how to do all these things?  What if there is a set of videos which you can use to LEARN all these.

They say it is easier to learn if you can “see and hear” rather than just “read” about it.  If a picture has a 1000 words,  what more if its a video?

I highly suggest you checkout this material  “How to Install and SEO wordpress“.    The Best part about it is that you will also get a copy of the “Killer Backlink Strategy” which I personally use to have my sites rank in my chosen keywords.

Check it out NOW.

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