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Oct 2008


What is the Meaning of Blogging?

Posted by Noel
Categories: Blogging

There is no exact definition of blogging. It can mean differently from one individual to another. But
according to google…

# The practice of posting entries in your weblog. A weblog (usually shortened to blog, but occasionally spelled web log) is a web-based publication …

# A blog is a web-based self-publication made up of periodic articles. Blogs use post-based entries catalogued by time and date.

# The activity of creating and maintaining a blog (which is a special kind of web site) or several blogs by making posts and uploading images and so on.

# The word blog is a short form for the term web log. A blog has traditionally been a journal or diary with dated entries. …

# Short for weblog, a blog is similar to diary online, that can be edited using a simple content management system (CMS).

However, if you want to become a blogger, you have to know ask yourself this question – what is the meaning of blogging?

If you simply start out your dream of becoming a blogger without defining it first, you will not succeed and not only that, you will not be able to meet all your objectives and you might not target the appropriate market. In order to understand the meaning of blogging, you have to know the common reasons why many people are into blogging.

One of the most common reasons is for fun. People who only want to have fun through blogging defines this activity as their way of sharing their personal life, their pet’s life, or whatever’s going on that they find interesting.

Many individuals also blog for monetary reasons; you see, blogging can earn you money especially if you know how to blog properly. Can you imagine earning about $20,000 each month through blogging? Well, that’s true. This may be one reason why bloggers for money continue to increase every year. These type of bloggers define blogging as a way of making money; quite different from the first one.

There are also individuals who define blogging as a way of establishing credibility. Many people who are knowledgeable in a certain area often establish their credibility by making blogs online. In fact, by doing so, you can make a brand of yourself and be known as one of the best bloggers in the world.

You can meet a lot of people through blogging. You can build contacts, meet new individuals, and create new business ventures. You can get fresh ideas that you can turn into a business of some sort. A person who blogs with this reason in mind defines blogging to create networks.

Now you know the common reasons why people blog. Blogging then can be defined as a way to have fun, to make money, to establish credibility, and for creating networks. So you see, blogging can be defined in many ways.

When you’re again asked for the meaning of blogging, you can define it according to your personal definition. So what’s your reason for making blogs? Identify it before you even make a career out of blogging. If you want to become a full time blogger, you can definitely earn a lot of money. In this case, the meaning of blogging to you is a way to make huge money even within the comforts of your home.

Thanks to the internet because now people have an alternative way of making money. Blogging is getting popular year after year and you can find a lot of bloggers online. With so many bloggers on the net, you have to be competitive enough and you should be able to make blogs that can be of great interest to other people.

Aside from that, you have to blog frequently because there is no room for sporadic bloggers online. If you want to become a well-known blogger, follow these things and your blogs can stay in-demand.

What is the meaning of blogging? Only you can answer that, especially if you’re a blogger. Start learning to make blogs now and find a good place online. You can either do it for fun, for money, for credibility, or for building networks.

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Oct 2008


There are a couple of blogging platforms available.    From wikipedia,  here’s a list.

Free and open source software

These software packages are offered as free and open source software

  • Apache Roller (Java-based)
  • b2evolution (PHP/MySQL)
  • bitsyblog (Python)
  • blojsom (Java)
  • blosxom (Perl)
  • byteflow (Python/Django)
  • Chyrp (MySQL, SQLite (with PDO), and PHP 5)
  • CuteNews (PHP based)
  • DasBlog (C#/ASP.NET)
  • DotNetNuke (C#/ASP.NET)
  • Dotclear (PHP/MySQL)
  • Drupal (PHP/MySQL)
  • Frog CMS (PHP/MySQL)
  • Elgg (Apache, MySQL, and PHP)
  • Habari (PHP/MySQL,SQLite,PostgreSQL)
  • InkType (MySQL and PHP)
  • iN?to (Ruby on Rails)
  • kablink (Java)
  • Livejournal (Perl) (Also available, developer hosted)
  • LifeType (PHP/MySQL)
  • Mephisto
  • Movable Type (also offered in developer-hosted form as TypePad)
  • Nouz (PHP/MySQL)
  • NanoBlogger (Written in Bash. Uses common Unix tools)
  • Nucleus CMS (PHP/MySQL)
  • PHPSlash
  • phsBlog (PHP/MySQL)
  • Pebble (Java-based)
  • Picoplog (PHP) (photoblog)
  • Pixelpost (PHP/MySQL) (photoblog)
  • PyBlosxom (Python)
  • Serendipity (PHP/MySQL,PostgreSQL,SQLite)
  • SimplePHPBlog (PHP/TXT)
  • SimpleLog (Ruby on Rails)
  • Slash (Perl/MySQL)
  • Subtext (C#/ASP.NET)
  • Textpattern (PHP/MySQL)
  • Thingamablog
  • Typo (Ruby on Rails)
  • WordPress (PHP/MySQL) – also offered in developer-hosted form as
  • CELLblog (ASP/ASP.NET) – Community Environment Live Life –webblog 2.0 compatible. ASP soon to be ASP.NET
  • Livejournal Visibility Changer – works fine even for Linux (under Wine). C++ programming language.

Among all of these,  my personal favorite is WordPress.   What I like about wordpress is that there are a huge amount of free templates available, and a huge amount of plugins you can add to the base installation.   In fact, I use wordpress here on this blog.

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Sep 2008


How to Choose a Good Blog Topic

Posted by Noel
Categories: Blogging

This is one of the questions a newbie blogger always ask. What is a good blog topic? There are actually 2 main components to think about when choosing a good blog topic.

1. Are you familiar with that topic and it is something you are passionate about?

Creating a blog is easy. Writing posts to your blog on a consistent basis is hard. It is always better to find a blog topic that you are familiar with and are passionate about. Something that you know a lot or are even an expert of.

If you like gadgets, write about gadgets, if you like NFL, then write about NFL and all the things about the players such as stats and stuff like that. You can even position your blog as a good sports commentary site if you like.

2. It is in an industry that advertisers are willng to pay for advertisement

So for example, if you’re passionate about something absurd like collecting paperclips, do you honestly think somebody would pay advertising money on paperclip collection? I doubt. Some people might search about paperclips but not as many as other, more interesting topics.

You have to think about the “market” of a certain topic. I usually go to google adwords to find out how much certain keywords cost.

If people pay for good advertising money for a certain niche, then that could be a good blog topic for you.

Here are some suggested topics you might want to think about

Travel Blog
– Pick a country or an area/city and blog everything about it
Gadget blog (specialize in one area)
– camera
– PCs/laptops
– Mobile Phones
– kitchen gadgets
– hiking gadgets
– school gadgets
– geek gadgets
Sport blogs
– think of any sport
Hobby blogs
– comics
– games
– anime
Cooking blogs
Entertainment Blogs
Business Blogs
Music Blogs
Celebrity blogs (concentrate on 1 celebrity)
Computer Related blogs
Programming blogs
Linux Blogs

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Sep 2008


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Sep 2008


How to Install WordPress

Posted by Noel
Categories: How To, SEO

In starting your own income generating blog, you have to do it right the first time.  There’s nothing wrong with using free blog services out there but the problem is that eventually, if you want a long term blogging income, you WILL host your own blog in your own domain name anyway.   Once this happens, it would be hard to transfer your content to your new blog and moreover, your blog is already ranking on some keywords in the search engines and it is very hard to transfer this ranking to your new domain if you are not an SEO.

So here’s what you need.

1. Buy domain

2. Buy hosting

3. Install a CMS/blog software (I highly suggest wordpress)

4. Learn how to install the latest wordpress.    Some hosting services has fantastico but 98% of the time, it will not setup the latest wordpress version.   You need to learn how to manually install wordpress.

5. Learn how to transfer files to your hosting.

6. Learn about how to setup a MySQL database.

7. Learn how to create a MySQL user.

8. Learn how to assign a Mysql user to a mysql database

9. Learn how to edit wp-config.php

10. Learn how to install plugins

11. Learn how to  Optimize your blog for the search engines

A lot of people already know how to do this, however,  I know for a fact that there are still a huge number of people who are still newbies in terms of making their own blog.   Some perhaps are afraid to even try because they think they are not techie enough to do it.   Some even pay $20 to $50 to have somebody install these for them.

Now what if there is a way to “see” exactly how it is being done?   What if you can be a fly on my shoulder and observe exactly how to do all these things?  What if there is a set of videos which you can use to LEARN all these.

They say it is easier to learn if you can “see and hear” rather than just “read” about it.  If a picture has a 1000 words,  what more if its a video?

I highly suggest you checkout this material  “How to Install and SEO wordpress“.    The Best part about it is that you will also get a copy of the “Killer Backlink Strategy” which I personally use to have my sites rank in my chosen keywords.

Check it out NOW.

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Sep 2008


How to Register A Domain

Posted by Noel
Categories: How To, videos

I found this nice video about how to register a domain.   If you are serious about blogging,  and you are ready to really make money,  invest in your own domain.   Blogspot, wordpress and other free blog sites are just for beginners.

How to Register A Domain

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