Feb 2010


LastPass Server Down??

Posted by Noel
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One of the best tools I use to manage passwords is “LastPass”. With this tool, I was able to generate very good and secure passwords without really memorizing each one. I just have to login with my lastpass account once and it automatically supplies all my passwords to my gmail, my blog, and whatever accounts I have.

Suddenly, today, lastpass wasn’t filling up my login username/password fields so I wonder what’s wrong. I even rebooted my PC but then, still the same. Doing searches in google does not provide any answers also. I then turn to twitter search and found out that other people are also having problems.


Just imagine, I can’t login to gmail or to any of my accounts. Gee, that’s bad. As a work around, I just went to lastpass.com and login there to “view” my passwords.

I guess that’s one of the problems of having a password manager. I just hope they’ll fix it soon as a lot of people are using their services.

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2 Responses to “LastPass Server Down??”

  1. Peter Says:

    use roboform instead (passwords will be stored localy)

  2. Noel Says:

    That’s actually one of the options. Right now there are 2 main players I like (lastpass and roboform). What I like about lastpass (aside from it’s free) is that I can hop in to another pc, install lastpass and be able to “login” to my account and use all my passwords, and when I logoff from that PC, there are no traces of my passwords in there.

    I haven’t actually researched if roboform can do that. If they do, and lastpass will have more downtimes such as this, then probably I might shift.

    Well hopefully lastpass will do something about it.

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