Jan 2009


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3 Responses to “How To Rearrange The Post Editor in WordPress 2.7”

  1. Millionaire Acts Says:

    Is it really advisable to upgrade to WordPress Version 2.7? Mine is Version 2.6

  2. noel Says:


    Well it depends. I have a niche site that is still under wp2.0.5. it was making a little bit of money thru adsense and affiliate products.

    I remember changing stuff in the template and the WP code to make it a super search engine optimized site so I have some reservations on upgrading it to WP2.7

    In my other sites, I did upgrade primarily because some of the old versions have vulnerabilities. I found 2 of my blogs including my old personal blog (noelbautista.com/blog) hacked by a spammer and was able to add hidden CSS codes in each of the post containing spam links to porn sites.

    I found my blog being penalized by google. I had to edit all the posts manually, double check by querying the WP database thru mysql, upgrading to wp2.7, and then submit a reinclusion request from google.

  3. Jehzeel Laurente Says:

    I’m still using wordpress 2.6.3 because I’m in love with it 😀 Will wait for the time when all blogs are required to upgrade or else you’re banned! hehe 😀

    But my other blogs are using Wp 2.7.. yay!

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