Sep 2008


How to Choose a Good Blog Topic

Posted by Noel
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This is one of the questions a newbie blogger always ask. What is a good blog topic? There are actually 2 main components to think about when choosing a good blog topic.

1. Are you familiar with that topic and it is something you are passionate about?

Creating a blog is easy. Writing posts to your blog on a consistent basis is hard. It is always better to find a blog topic that you are familiar with and are passionate about. Something that you know a lot or are even an expert of.

If you like gadgets, write about gadgets, if you like NFL, then write about NFL and all the things about the players such as stats and stuff like that. You can even position your blog as a good sports commentary site if you like.

2. It is in an industry that advertisers are willng to pay for advertisement

So for example, if you’re passionate about something absurd like collecting paperclips, do you honestly think somebody would pay advertising money on paperclip collection? I doubt. Some people might search about paperclips but not as many as other, more interesting topics.

You have to think about the “market” of a certain topic. I usually go to google adwords to find out how much certain keywords cost.

If people pay for good advertising money for a certain niche, then that could be a good blog topic for you.

Here are some suggested topics you might want to think about

Travel Blog
– Pick a country or an area/city and blog everything about it
Gadget blog (specialize in one area)
– camera
– PCs/laptops
– Mobile Phones
– kitchen gadgets
– hiking gadgets
– school gadgets
– geek gadgets
Sport blogs
– think of any sport
Hobby blogs
– comics
– games
– anime
Cooking blogs
Entertainment Blogs
Business Blogs
Music Blogs
Celebrity blogs (concentrate on 1 celebrity)
Computer Related blogs
Programming blogs
Linux Blogs

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