Dec 2008


If you’ve heard the term “house flipping” before, then you probably know by default what “flipping websites mean”.   In the real eastate world,  flipping houses means you buy a undervalued (below marketprice) house, and then sell it at marketprice,  or buy a fixupper then hire a contractor to fix the house and then sell the house for a profit.

The same goes for a website.  A website doesn’t have any real value unless you have visitors on it.  A typical lifecycle of a website being flipped is like this.

1. buy domain

2. setup website

3. upload/fix the template

4. create content

5. add monetization

6. generate traffic

7. measure traffic and income

8.  sell the website.

The nice thing about flipping websites is it costs a whole lot less than flipping houses.   However, if you do a lot of sites at the same time, then you might be on your way for a good website flipping income.

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  1. major Says:

    It’s a really nice way to make money. Imagine buying a domain worth $9, add content then monetize, after 3 months, you can sell it at 10x or more the monthly earnings.

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