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Hot Keywords Sept 29, 2009

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We had 2 days of no power due to typhoon Ondoy and I wasn’t able to give you some hot keywords these past few days.  But you probably know by now that any Ondoy related keywords is getting a lot of hits.   Keywords such as “Manila Flood 2009”,  “Typhoon Ondoy photos”, “pasig flood”, and similar searches are being made so  create as much content about each and every keyword to maximize your chances of getting traffic.

Here’s some non Ondoy related keywords you might want to target.    I haven’t got the chance to do a deeper research about these keywords but these seem to be good candidates for keywords with less competition.

1. honor student beaten to death

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2. acne pillowcase

There’s a sudden rush of traffic for this keyword I don’t know why.  This could be a big earner since “acne” is one of the bigger niches out there.   I don’t have time to capitalize on this keyword so check it out.  As of this writing, there are only 171 exact matches for this keyword.

3. tactical intervention

This is a game so this could be a good keyword to target.  You may try researching more about this game.  They say this is the next counter strike.  Some of the possible good keyword down the road would be tactical intervention cheats, tactical intervention walktrough, and other game related keywords.    I think, if you can check “counter strike” related keywords,  most probably, you can  using the same keywords for “tactical intervention”.

So that’s it for now.  I still have to prepare my talk for SEMCON 2009 about link building.

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