Sep 2008



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I’m currently adding a new front page to my site.  If you are looking for my blog, it is at

I’ll be using this front page for blogging about how to become a Work At Home Dad  (or mom), so please do visit us in the coming days if you want to know how to make money onlin.

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  1. ricky lim Says:

    Hi! I am a father of 3 kids, looking on how I can have an income to augment our economic situation. Most of the time im home, I want to do something that my computer can be of help, and maybe this will be a big opportunity for me to start with doing blogs as work at home dad. I got your site on Masigasig magasine and I am very much interested to learn from you. I am not good enough in computer generally speaking, do I have to add skills acquires from school in this field of interest. And one thing that I should know if there is any amount that I have prepare for this matter.
    I wish that to be one of your student here.
    More power to you Noel. Thank you.

  2. Noel Says:

    Hi Ricky! I’ve sent you a personal email. Hope you got it.

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