Mar 2009


Google has launched it interest based advertising.     What it does is google “tracks” your interest and show’s you ads releated to your interests.

Say, if you often visit a sports blog,  google would be able to track this via putting a “cookie” on your computer (using your browser) and then you will be able to see google ads related to your interests.

For some people, this might be obtrusive so google has this opt-out page for users so google won’t “track” their interest.  But I guess if you delete all your browser’s “cookies” you will still be tracked. (just a hunch).

In the eyes of advertisers, these would really make sense.  Just imagine, they can now be able to target the right people for their products.  It is no use displaying baseball accessories to people who do not like baseball.  But it makes perfect sense for advertisers to show baseball related products/ads to baseball fanatics, even if they are visiting non-baseball related websites.

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