How To Use A FREE PPC Spy Tool To Legally Hijack Keywords And Make Money Out Of Ittitle=

How To Use A FREE PPC Spy Tool To Legally Hijack Keywords And Make Money Out Of It

Tweet What I’m going to reveal is a very recent legal tactic that will enable anybody to simple  copy the exact keywords people are using in their PPC campaigns and how you can benefit from it and make money. Surprisingly, you need a simple FREE  PPC Spy too called – PPC Web Spy I’ll show […]

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Apr 2009



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What is CPA exactly?  CPA means Cost Per Action

Adword advertisers pay on a Cost Per Click (CPC),  CPA pays when a visitor does a certain action (such as enter  an email address, or  fill up a lead form).

CPA is something a lot of people just haven’t jumped into yet, and I think that’s a real shame.  It can be a fantastic moneymaker if presented properly!

CPA is quite a bit different from your standard affiliate marketing.  Rather than being paid for each click, or each sale, you are paid “per action”.

An action might be a sale, but it could also be the act of someone entering their email address, filling out a form to receive more information, applying for a credit card or loan, or another action.

CPA is generally quite a bit easier to make money with than standard affiliate marketing.  Rather than having to rely on the whims of visitors who may or may not want to spend any money that day, or have any available to spend, you can select offers that don’t require visitors to spend any money at all

It is usually much easier for someone to enter their zip code or request free information than to make the choice to spend money.

There is one major difference between CPA and standard affiliate marketing.  With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to babysit your ads very closely.  Most affiliate programs are in it for the long haul, and it’s relatively rare that they suddenly close down or go out of business.

CPA marketing can change very rapidly.  An offer that is making you great money one day could be retracted the next.  You have to watch CPA campaigns very carefully to make sure you aren’t losing money because a campaign has been withdrawn.  You don’t want to keep sending free traffic to an invalid offer!

But this minor inconvenience can be worth it when you hit upon a profitable campaign.  Some people making several thousand dollars per day with a single profitable CPA campaign!

Are you interested in trying out CPA for yourself?  Then pick up a free copy of the CPA report.


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Mar 2009


Google has launched it interest based advertising.     What it does is google “tracks” your interest and show’s you ads releated to your interests.

Say, if you often visit a sports blog,  google would be able to track this via putting a “cookie” on your computer (using your browser) and then you will be able to see google ads related to your interests.

For some people, this might be obtrusive so google has this opt-out page for users so google won’t “track” their interest.  But I guess if you delete all your browser’s “cookies” you will still be tracked. (just a hunch).

In the eyes of advertisers, these would really make sense.  Just imagine, they can now be able to target the right people for their products.  It is no use displaying baseball accessories to people who do not like baseball.  But it makes perfect sense for advertisers to show baseball related products/ads to baseball fanatics, even if they are visiting non-baseball related websites.

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Dec 2008


If you’ve heard the term “house flipping” before, then you probably know by default what “flipping websites mean”.   In the real eastate world,  flipping houses means you buy a undervalued (below marketprice) house, and then sell it at marketprice,  or buy a fixupper then hire a contractor to fix the house and then sell the house for a profit.

The same goes for a website.  A website doesn’t have any real value unless you have visitors on it.  A typical lifecycle of a website being flipped is like this.

1. buy domain

2. setup website

3. upload/fix the template

4. create content

5. add monetization

6. generate traffic

7. measure traffic and income

8.  sell the website.

The nice thing about flipping websites is it costs a whole lot less than flipping houses.   However, if you do a lot of sites at the same time, then you might be on your way for a good website flipping income.

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Dec 2008


It’s been a while since I discovered a blog monetization technique that pays a lot.  I joined a new blog monetization program towards the end of November.   It is actually a sister site of an old established blog monetization company so I knew they had a solid reputation.

Basically what they do is to broker link sales.  Now these are not those sitewide links you see at the sidebars of your blogs.  They sell links from within your content.  This strategy is one of the best SEO link building technique.

So what I did was enrolled a blog of mine (a different blog I used for testing).   I just loaded their plugin and it will handle everything from crawling your webposts to doing the actual linking to link buyers.  Once they crawled your site, you can even check or uncheck which posts are available for link selling.

Last Dec 2, I was surprised to see a couple of sales in my inbox (sales for Dec1).   Then today  Dec 3,  I got some more link sales (sales for Dec 2).    I was shocked to see that I’ve already earned $44 for the first 2 days of December.

I can’t wait to see what’s going to be the income for end of December.     The best part is that,  next month, I assume many of these link buyers are going to renew.

Based on what I’ve seen so far,  this could be one of the best income sources for blogger.

Check it our here

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Nov 2008


This is one of the questions every newbie to adsense always ask.   And the answer is simply “it depends on you”.   Let me elaborate.

The income from adsense is a function of traffic which is the number of human visitors to your website.  The more traffic, the more income.

Assumptions:  $0.10 per click.
Click Through Rate: 5%

To get the number of clicks to earn $100,  divide  $100 by  the cost per click assumption.

$100/$0.10 = 1000 clicks

With a 5% click through rate, you need to have 20,000 visitors.

You can make 1 website with 20,000 visitors or
You can make 2 websites with 10,000 visitors each or
You can make 10 websites with 2,000 visitors each.

So the question is, how fast can you develop websites, and how fast can you promote each of them to get the numbers you want?   At end of the day, it is basically  a numbers game.

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Sep 2008


How to Make Money Blogging

Posted by Noel
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A lot of newbies are interested to know How to make money while blogging.  There are a couple of ways to make money blogging.  I’ll be discussing a few of them below then probably I’ll make a detailed post in the future for each of these methods.

1.  Blog for Others

Some companies look for bloggers to do their corporate blogs.   They might ask a blogger to blog about their products or services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies also look for bloggers/content-writers for blogs/websites who can write about specific topics.  I know some who maintain blogs for topics such as real estate since that is the niche of their client.

Pay can be per post or a fixed monthly rate.

2.  Blog for yourself

Obviously, you can setup your own blog and make money yourself.  Typically, you earn thru Pay-Per-Click programs such as Google’s adsense (NASDAQ: GOOG), bidvertiser, or CPM type programs such as banner/button ads.

The most popular of course is adsense.

For beginners,  just a word of advise.   DO NOT CLICK YOUR OWN ADS TO EARN MONEY.   You will be banned for life.  I’ve heard lots of stories about people clicking their own adsense ads and when they gathered about $100 worth of income (which is the minimum for google to send you money),  the google adsense team will inform  you about those fraudulent clicks and they will just ban you for life, no questions asked.

3.   Create your own blog network and hire others to blog for you

This is nice but recently,  the internet advertising industry is being shaken.  Not a lot of people spend money on advertising.     Some say it is because US recession,  some say because of huge oil prices,  drop in economy..etc.  Whatever it is,  it is causing a slowdown and a review of this business model.

Creating a blog network requires huge amount of money to pay for bloggers while you are not so sure that each and every blog is going to earn money.

If you are a multi milionaire, you can try this if you want.

4.  Blog flipping (buy and sell blogs/websites)

The idea is simple.  Buy a domain/hosting,  slap in wordpress, find a good theme,  then blog about a specific topic/niche that is popular and profitable.    Get good at promoting your blog,  get tons of links from your friends and other blogs of similar topic,  then after a few months, sell it.

Have an idea of what PageRank is.    The when you reach say PR4,   find out how much your blog is making, then sell it for about 10x your monthly income.

If you have really established websites/blogs where you get about 100,000 pageviews a month,  you may even sell it for about 15 to 20x your monthly income for that site.

If you want to sell a blog, send me an email and I may be able to connect you to other website/blog buyers.

5. Sell something on your blog

For ladies specially,  go to your closet and pull out your old clothes, bags, shoes.  Take a picture and sell it on your blog.    A lot of ladies will keep coming back to your site to see what you have.   Why keep your old stuff when you can sell it for a profit.

People go to ukay ukay, why not make one online using your own clothes?

Once you get frequent visitors,  you’ll also see an increased amount of income from your pay-per-click program such as adsense.

6.   Affiliate marketing

This is a whole topic on itself.   The idea is to become an affiliate of a company and drive traffic to their site using a specific link (your own affiliate link).   The company you are affiliated with will provide you with this link.  Using this link,  they can monitor those people from your site and when they buy stuff from the company’s website,  you get a cut/percentag/referral fee.  In other words, income.

Just imagine, you don’t keep inventory, you don’t pay for people to manage your sales process, warehousing, and such tasks, but you earn.

So in your blog, you simply review a certain product,  put your affiliate link, and promote that blog post.

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