Jan 2009


Today, I want to write about Blog business models.   There are a couple of Blog business models and structure out there that people do to make money blogging.

The creative and lazy bloggers way is to create self sustaining blogs.  I mean, think about it,  not all blogs can earn thousands of dollars.  Some blogs might just earn $10 a month.  The idea is to create many of these $10 a month blogs to create a $1000 a month portfolio.

One of the big obstacles in doing this is the heavy workload in consistently creating content for these blogs.  So some people think about creating an auto-updating blog.  The way it is being done is to use other people’s content.  There are a lot of RSS feeds out there and usually what people do is to use these content and somewhat automatically post these to their blogs.

Using RSS feeds might have some consequences as your blog might be seen as splogs.  There are blogs however that allow you to use their RSS feeds and content.  Just look at their terms of use or copyright terms.   You need to know a bit about creative commons and which blogs allows people to use their content in exchange for attribution.

Once you have a system in place that automatically posts multiple RSS feeds on different blogs, all that has to be done is monetize it.   It would be best to keep on doing backlink building to raise the PageRank of these blogs.

Monetization techniques normally used is adsense, inlinks, and affiliate products.

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