How To Use A FREE PPC Spy Tool To Legally Hijack Keywords And Make Money Out Of Ittitle=

How To Use A FREE PPC Spy Tool To Legally Hijack Keywords And Make Money Out Of It

Tweet What I’m going to reveal is a very recent legal tactic that will enable anybody to simple  copy the exact keywords people are using in their PPC campaigns and how you can benefit from it and make money. Surprisingly, you need a simple FREE  PPC Spy too called – PPC Web Spy I’ll show […]

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Apr 2009


I came across an interesting work at home job neeed by a Search Engine Company (Google???). I’ve heard about this before but I only saw an ad about it now.

With Black hat search engine spammers getting good at avoiding the traps set by search engine algorithms, and with the Search Engine Companies goal of having better search engine results, it is no surprise to learn that they need human evaluators coming from different fields of expertise to help them formulate a good way to return the best possible results for all search engine queries.

Search Engine Evaluators provide feedback on search engine results by measuring the relevance and usefulness of web pages in correlation to predefined queries, by providing comparative analysis of sets of search engine results and various other techniques.

Ideal Search Engine Evaluators will possess the following skills

* Have in-depth, up-to-date familiarity with American social culture, media, and web culture
* Excellent comprehension and written communication skills in English
* Broad range of interests, with specific areas of expertise a plus
* University degree or equivalent experience (degrees in-progress are acceptable). Advanced degrees a plus
* Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities.
* Ability to work independently under minimal supervision
* Possess a high speed internet connection (DSL, Cable Modem, etc.)

[source: leapforceathome ]

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Apr 2009



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What is CPA exactly?  CPA means Cost Per Action

Adword advertisers pay on a Cost Per Click (CPC),  CPA pays when a visitor does a certain action (such as enter  an email address, or  fill up a lead form).

CPA is something a lot of people just haven’t jumped into yet, and I think that’s a real shame.  It can be a fantastic moneymaker if presented properly!

CPA is quite a bit different from your standard affiliate marketing.  Rather than being paid for each click, or each sale, you are paid “per action”.

An action might be a sale, but it could also be the act of someone entering their email address, filling out a form to receive more information, applying for a credit card or loan, or another action.

CPA is generally quite a bit easier to make money with than standard affiliate marketing.  Rather than having to rely on the whims of visitors who may or may not want to spend any money that day, or have any available to spend, you can select offers that don’t require visitors to spend any money at all

It is usually much easier for someone to enter their zip code or request free information than to make the choice to spend money.

There is one major difference between CPA and standard affiliate marketing.  With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to babysit your ads very closely.  Most affiliate programs are in it for the long haul, and it’s relatively rare that they suddenly close down or go out of business.

CPA marketing can change very rapidly.  An offer that is making you great money one day could be retracted the next.  You have to watch CPA campaigns very carefully to make sure you aren’t losing money because a campaign has been withdrawn.  You don’t want to keep sending free traffic to an invalid offer!

But this minor inconvenience can be worth it when you hit upon a profitable campaign.  Some people making several thousand dollars per day with a single profitable CPA campaign!

Are you interested in trying out CPA for yourself?  Then pick up a free copy of the CPA report.


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Apr 2009


cpaCPA means cost per action.   If you’re familiar with the term CPC, which means cost per click wherein a person earns income whenever someone clicks a link (such as an adsense ad),  CPA allows you to earn if somebody takes a certain action such as filling up a lead form, email address field, or anything an advertiser counts as an “action”.

On one side of the coin, a lot of people don’t know about CPA or cost per action. On the other side, a lot of people are enjoying the big profits from their CPA marketing.

If you are on the side of the coin with people who do not know about CPA, then this blog post is for you.

You might have encountered web pages where you will be asked to fill in a small form with your zip code or maybe your email address. In exchange for your information, you are getting freebie goods or some sought after information. If you fill up these forms then that is good and you have been encountering CPA in your life for quite a while now.

Here are the major players in that business loop:


Business owners take advantage of the power of information and launch programs to know more about their market. Advertisements of CPA are specifically designed for this purpose. Big companies compile a database of their market profiles in different places to address their needs for new products, innovations, and other business stuff.

The ads that you will see on online pages will offer you a prize and the company in return will know, for example, how many people in a certain zip code care to know about certain products.


You maybe wondering how you ended up going to that CPA ad. There are people who do this for a living, or as source of their extra income, or the affiliates.

The user will end up filling up some needed information to get freebies when they see certain advertisements or links that are strategically launched or placed by the affiliate in certain pages of the net.

The affiliate will get some fees for convincing you to take action and give the information needed by the advertisers.

Cost Per Action Networks

In the CPA profits business, Cost per Action networks are in the middle of things. They act as bridges so advertisers can reach the affiliates.

The network deals with the advertisers and design the ads needed for their campaigns. They are also responsible for the strict process of recruiting affiliates who will push for the ads to the consumers. The CPA network also runs the efficient system of payment to distribute the profits to the affiliates.

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