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How To Use A FREE PPC Spy Tool To Legally Hijack Keywords And Make Money Out Of It

Tweet What I’m going to reveal is a very recent legal tactic that will enable anybody to simple  copy the exact keywords people are using in their PPC campaigns and how you can benefit from it and make money. Surprisingly, you need a simple FREE  PPC Spy too called – PPC Web Spy I’ll show […]

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Jan 2009


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Jan 2009


A lot of professional bloggers have been hit by this since last year (2008), some were even hit as early as late 2007. Joe’s post is a good example of how it was affected.

The whole problogging income primarily comes from 2 sources, one is income from ads, and the other is income from sales/leads (affiliate, cpa). Even if one is being paid to post a review, a link, or being paid by a blog network, at the end of the line, it is most probably tied down to one of those 2 income sources.

People nowadays have a limited ability to pay for goods and services. Some even can’t pay their house loans and thus there are a lot of foreclosures going on. The increase in bad debts causes institutions to lose money and decrease their income.

Less income translates to less spending, and money traditionally spent for advertising is spent somewhere else. This loss of advertising budget directly affects the blogging industry. Less advertisers means less income for bloggers.

In the same way, money used for spending goods also scaled down. People buying expensive brands settle for house brands. Instead of buying the “nice to have”, people began sticking to “must haves”.
Affiliate marketing was also affected. Affiliates of products under “nice to haves” experience a loss in income.

However, in any change, there are opportunities that open. People began thinking of ways to earn extra.

Check out the increase in people searching for “make money” in Google (NASDAQ: GOOG)
make money

New niches open, and some niches suffers, the key is to adapt to these changes. One needs to rethink their strategy and keep on building money making websites and blogs. Diversify income sources, and learn how to thrive in such an environment.

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Jan 2009


In the last post, I discussed about the self sustaining, self-updating blog.  Today I’ll write about a new blog business model (strategy).   While some bloggers have success in monetizing self-updating blogs, others build a huge business by just focusing on one big blog.

We all hear the words “do not place all your eggs in one basket”,  but others have a different mantra.  Find the right basket, put you eggs in that basket and watch it closely.

For some bloggers, this has worked pretty well.   Some of the critical aspects on how a single blog can become successful is by creating a community behind the blog.   It is important to have frequent blog updates and it has to engage people to write comments.

One must also visit similar themed blogs and network with other blog owners. It is not enough to just build it and expect people to come.  One must also socialize and get out there and mingle with like minded people and become “visible” to your potential blog visitors.

It is also critical to “brand” yourself as a specialist, someone knowledgeable in your niche.

Should you want to implement such a strategy here’s a list of activities you need to do.

1. Find out what your passion is, or something you are good at.

2. Check out if it is a good niche to make money on.

If you are passionate about frog gigging, making a blog out of it may not be profitable.  So find something that you are passionate about, knowledgeable at, and yet it is a potentially profitable niche.

To find out if its potentially profitable, find out if there are products, ebooks, affiliate programs that cater to that niche?  If there is, then it could probably be a good niche.

3. Make a list of all blogs and forums on that niche.

4. Start making about 5 very very good blog posts which will serve as your primary content (or pillar articles as termed by Yaro Starak).  These posts must contain information that when people read it, they will feel that they need to bookmark it for future reference.

5. Visit the list of blogs and forums and become visible.  Create comments, blog posts, and  bring the comments and discussion to your blog by using trackbacks.

6. Learn about SEO

7. Learn about link building

8. Learn about Web2.0, social bookmarks, social networks.

9. Buy ebooks about problogging, SEO, internet marketing and learn from experts, what works and what doesn’t.

I don’t see the reason why people are so cheap with regards to  paying for great knowledge and information about something that will make them money.   People spend thousands of dollars for school and college education so they can get jobs.  Why scrimp on great tools and materials about internet marketing and problogging and SEO?  Wanna make money online?  Embrace the fact that one needs to learn a few things not taught in school.

I personally see it as “tuition or school fees”.

10.  Be consistent.  Don’t just exert 100% of your time during the first month or two.  Always give it your best shot for a minimum of 6 months and see what happens after that.

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Jan 2009


Today, I want to write about Blog business models.   There are a couple of Blog business models and structure out there that people do to make money blogging.

The creative and lazy bloggers way is to create self sustaining blogs.  I mean, think about it,  not all blogs can earn thousands of dollars.  Some blogs might just earn $10 a month.  The idea is to create many of these $10 a month blogs to create a $1000 a month portfolio.

One of the big obstacles in doing this is the heavy workload in consistently creating content for these blogs.  So some people think about creating an auto-updating blog.  The way it is being done is to use other people’s content.  There are a lot of RSS feeds out there and usually what people do is to use these content and somewhat automatically post these to their blogs.

Using RSS feeds might have some consequences as your blog might be seen as splogs.  There are blogs however that allow you to use their RSS feeds and content.  Just look at their terms of use or copyright terms.   You need to know a bit about creative commons and which blogs allows people to use their content in exchange for attribution.

Once you have a system in place that automatically posts multiple RSS feeds on different blogs, all that has to be done is monetize it.   It would be best to keep on doing backlink building to raise the PageRank of these blogs.

Monetization techniques normally used is adsense, inlinks, and affiliate products.

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Jan 2009


My Secret Keyword Research Tool

Posted by Noel
Categories: SEO

Most keyword tools are nearly obsolete.  As you may know, there were a bunch of keyword tools that became toast when Yahoo’s Overture Inventory finally died and no longer responded.

Most tools either changed to another source or simply just died a slow death. One keyword service that continued to thrive and had over 3 sources going for it was NicheBOT.

That’s the difference between a keyword service and a keyword tool.

A keyword service that stays on top of all the latest developments and usually has contracts with all the major keyword providers.

If you could look into a keyword and be able to see some history and month-by-month activity, you would be able to better judge whether or not the keyword is worthy to go after versus others, right?

Only makes sense.

And what if you could click one button and be able to pop up a chart that lets you compare a bunch of keywords and shows you which one is on the upward cycle of demand and which is on the downward cycle.

Wouldn’t that be kick butt?

Well — it’s totally possible all within one interface.

If you are really, truly interested in picking winning keywords on a consistent basis, do yourself a favor and check the link below…
Just to give an idea on the power in my hands.      Let me show you how I do my keyword research.

Most of the time, you to a free online keyword tool and key in a keyword.  Let’s say Kate Moss.  You get to the free wordtracker service and you get something like this.

2,515 searches (top 100 only)
Searches Keyword
2,515 total searches
1593 kate moss
233 how much does kate moss weigh
115 kate moss gallery
82 kate moss naked
41 kate moss statue
38 kate moss pregnant
30 kate moss hot
21 kate moss peter sex tape
19 kate moss weight
18 kate moss gold
17 kate moss is haggard
16 kate moss gold statue
13 kate moss pics
11 kate moss dancing
10 kate moss photos
9 how tall is kate moss
8 fashion file kate moss
8 kate moss agent provocateur
8 kate moss calvin klein posters
8 kate moss fan sites

The problem with this is that you don’t have an idea exactly how competitive these keywords are.  But with my secret keyword service that I’m using called Nichebot X,  I get something like this.

With this, I can easily spot that the keyword “how much does kate moss weigh” doesn’t have that many competition.  The value in the competition column is set to the number of sites that used the exact keyword phrase on its title tag (which is a better measure of the competition sites).

So this tells me that if I create a good content for that keyword.  Build up a few incoming links to it,  I could most probably land on the 1st page of google and yahoo for that keyword.

Isn’t that simply AMAZING!?!

Here’s another great reason why I chose Nichebot.    It actually tells me which keywords have practically zero competition.   I’m not referring to zero search engine results for that keyword but zero results for the search for websites that used the exact keyword phrase on its title.

Sort of like this query.

But I don’t have to do such query for each and every keyword.  It is all given to me by this keyword service.

It labeled such keywords as “Jackpot”.

And this is just one of the many features!  You can’t imagine how valuable this tool is.   This is truly a money making tool and is one  the secret tools I use to create adsense sites,  and affiliate sites.

Now that’s why I like Nichebot X.     Don’t take my word for it –  Try it out and see for yourself.

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Jan 2009


2008 Top Yahoo Searches

Posted by Noel
Categories: SEO

At the beginning of every year, you always see articles and blog posts about “Top xxxx for 2008”.   Top music, top mtv, top destinations, top this and top that.

In the world of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, we all wait for the “2008 Top Searches”.    These are the sort of keywords that you might want to check out and see if you can rank in either of these.  If you can, then you’ll probably get a whole bucket load of traffic.

In the UK the top overall searches are

1.      Britney Spears
2.     Big Brother
3.     X Factor
4.      Oasis
5.      High School Musical 3
6.     US Election
7.     Amy Winehouse
8.     Heath Ledger
9.     Kate Moss
10.     Eastenders

I got this from yahoo.  The nice thing about yahoo’s top 2008 searches is that it is categorized.  You can actually see the top searches for  Celebrities, News, Music,  Tv programs..etc.   Check it out at

For yahoo philippines

•     American Idol
•     Boracay
•     Charice Pempengco
•     Friendster
•     High School Musical 3
•     Jobs
•     Mall of Asia
•     Marian Rivera
•     MV Princess of the Stars
•     Olympics 2008

For people who are into adsense,  the best tip is to check out variations of these keywords and try to see if it is worth ranking.

For example,  “american idol”.  You might want to check  “american idol 2009” or “american idol 2009 schedule” “american idol 2009 audition”  and similar keywords.

Just think about what other people might search for this 2009 and get ahead.  Create content for those keywords and start building links to have an early lead in the SERPS.

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