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How To Use A FREE PPC Spy Tool To Legally Hijack Keywords And Make Money Out Of It

Tweet What I’m going to reveal is a very recent legal tactic that will enable anybody to simple  copy the exact keywords people are using in their PPC campaigns and how you can benefit from it and make money. Surprisingly, you need a simple FREE  PPC Spy too called – PPC Web Spy I’ll show […]

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Dec 2008


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   I’ve been busy over the  last couple of days apart from the 4 day DSL downtime I got a few days ago.

Anyway,  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.

I’ll be posting more often this coming 2009 so watch out for more content and exciting stuff on how you can earn thru blogging and other income sources online.

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Dec 2008


If you’ve heard the term “house flipping” before, then you probably know by default what “flipping websites mean”.   In the real eastate world,  flipping houses means you buy a undervalued (below marketprice) house, and then sell it at marketprice,  or buy a fixupper then hire a contractor to fix the house and then sell the house for a profit.

The same goes for a website.  A website doesn’t have any real value unless you have visitors on it.  A typical lifecycle of a website being flipped is like this.

1. buy domain

2. setup website

3. upload/fix the template

4. create content

5. add monetization

6. generate traffic

7. measure traffic and income

8.  sell the website.

The nice thing about flipping websites is it costs a whole lot less than flipping houses.   However, if you do a lot of sites at the same time, then you might be on your way for a good website flipping income.

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Dec 2008


WordPress 2.7 Is Now Available!

Posted by Noel
Categories: General

WordPress 2.7 is now available.   I’m so excited to implement wordpress 2.7 on some of my blogs.  I think this is one of the best wordpress release ever.

Some of the best features I like about it is

– You can browse/download/install plugins directly from your wordpress installation.

– The one click upgrade.  No more downloading zip or tar.gz files and uploading to my webserver

– Of course, the beautiful dashboard

Those 3 items alone is already a good reason to upgrade.   I can’t wait to get the WordPress Mu version of WP2.7

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Dec 2008


Article sites are still, stickiness wise, one of the single best ways to drive traffic and build a name as a expert, all at the same time.  So how does this tie to your blog?

Well, for a start, if you’re blogging on the same topic as you’re writing content on, you should have a fairly good niche to promote into – and can use any of your longer, more coherent posts as article content.  But if you want it to work really well, there are a couple of steps you MUST follow.

1)    Make sure your article is coherent.  Blog posts, by their nature are supposed to be less informal than the standard ‘article’ – like you’re having an intimate conversation with a group of friends, instead of a more impersonal discussion with your readers, but at the same time,  the best blog posts make TERRIBLE articles.  So a blog post that is also going to be used on article submission sites should be both interesting, and slightly more ‘formal’ than standard blog posts.
2)    Post it on your blog, and add your resource box at the end – you can make it clear that its a free reprint if you want, or you can simply post it in a category for your reprints.  That way, you can offer a feed of your reprints too, and include the link in your resource box.  Also include the permalink to the post itself in your post – which means you will need to edit the post after posting the first time.
3)    Wait a month – in that month, submit the article to any bookmarking sites, and ensure that you maximize its impact by encouraging your readers to ‘vote’ for it too.
4)    Ensure your post is in the search engines by searching for the first line of your article.  If its not in the search engines, work on getting it there – read up on site maps and other products designed to get you in the search engines.
5)    Submit your content to a maximum of 10 reprint sites.  Make sure your resource box doesn’t break any of their rules, and make sure that you leave comments OPEN on these posts (if you close them ordinarily.
Following these five steps won’t guarantee your success in using article marketing, but they will eliminate most of the serious beginner mistakes people make when submitting to article reprint sites.

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Dec 2008


One of the hottest things to include nowadays is to add some social web2.0 widgets.  I’ve added 2.  One is Mybloglog which is powered by Yahoo and another is Google Friend Connect which is powered by of course Google (NASDAQ: GOOG).

Google friend Connect is still in its infancy.  It just started last May 2008 but I think the power of Google Friend Connect is that it is basically a platform for social gadgets.  Later on,  I expect a lot of people making social gadgets that will run on Google Friend Connect.

Social Gadgets basically allow you and your community to do something together.

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Dec 2008


Mistakes That Bloggers Make

Posted by Noel
Categories: Blogging

Bloggers make mistakes all the time.  But most of them are easy to avoid, and even easier not to create in the first place.

Mistake one – not sticking to the topic of your blog.

Blogs are designed around a theme – and the more focused the theme, the more likely you’ll attract interested traffic.  Most new bloggers however either ‘cast around’ for a theme, hoping to hit on something that works, or are just scattered in general.
Solution – keep your posts as focused as possible on the overall topic that you set out for your blog.

Mistake two – Not driving traffic to their sites.
Blogging isn’t just about posting content.  Unfortunately, most people think that ‘if they build it, they will come’ and thats simply not true. not updating often enough – most bloggers start out really well – they write lots of posts and then, it tapers off.  They become discouraged, or worse, they think they aren’t doing ‘it right’.  Blogging needs just as much attention as any other site, sometimes more so – and like most sites, unless you hit on something really big, you’ll find that you don’t make much of an impact at first.
Driving traffic to your site CAN be fairly simple though – you can do it by taking part in other sites, and using your url in your sigline, you can comment on other blogs, or bookmark your site – with wide exposure you’ll gain far more traffic than simply relying on SEO.

Mistake three – not connecting with others in your niche
Solution – its important to contact others in your niche, because it gives you a chance to participate in link exchanges.  One of the best ways to do this is ‘mutually’ recommend one another’s sites – you can do this, quite simply, by asking the site owner to review your site, and you can do the same.  That way, you’ll build a more valuable ‘link base’ for the person you’re reviewing, and though they are creating a two way link exchange with you, the review style link exchange is always more valuable.
No matter what mistakes bloggers make, there’s always a way to fix them – by working on the solution, you’ll find that implementing the solutions will help immensely.

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