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2008 Top Yahoo Searches

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At the beginning of every year, you always see articles and blog posts about “Top xxxx for 2008”.   Top music, top mtv, top destinations, top this and top that.

In the world of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, we all wait for the “2008 Top Searches”.    These are the sort of keywords that you might want to check out and see if you can rank in either of these.  If you can, then you’ll probably get a whole bucket load of traffic.

In the UK the top overall searches are

1.      Britney Spears
2.     Big Brother
3.     X Factor
4.      Oasis
5.      High School Musical 3
6.     US Election
7.     Amy Winehouse
8.     Heath Ledger
9.     Kate Moss
10.     Eastenders

I got this from yahoo.  The nice thing about yahoo’s top 2008 searches is that it is categorized.  You can actually see the top searches for  Celebrities, News, Music,  Tv programs..etc.   Check it out at http://uk.promotions.yahoo.com/buzz2008.html

For yahoo philippines

•     American Idol
•     Boracay
•     Charice Pempengco
•     Friendster
•     High School Musical 3
•     Jobs
•     Mall of Asia
•     Marian Rivera
•     MV Princess of the Stars
•     Olympics 2008


For people who are into adsense,  the best tip is to check out variations of these keywords and try to see if it is worth ranking.

For example,  “american idol”.  You might want to check  “american idol 2009” or “american idol 2009 schedule” “american idol 2009 audition”  and similar keywords.

Just think about what other people might search for this 2009 and get ahead.  Create content for those keywords and start building links to have an early lead in the SERPS.

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